Male Voice Over Talent Rick Blade offering Professional Voice Overs for Commercials, Narration, Movie Trailers, Book Trailers, and Radio Imaging.

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Contact voice over talent Rick Blade offering professional voice overs for commercials, narration, movie trailers, and radio imaging.

NATURAL SOUNDING, believable and convincing voice over reads is what I specialize in. Whether it's epic voice style or the conversational guy next door, as a versatile male voice over talent, I effectively get your message across for radio, internet, and commercial voice overs for TV, infomercials, political ads, promos, mind-blowing movie trailers and video game trailers, reverberating book trailers, voice imaging for TV, and radio imaging. BUT, READ ON. Motivating, friendly narration voice over for corporate videos, websites, documentaries, training videos, video tours, testimonials, e-Learning courses, and podcasts, etc, etc, plus original character voices and animation voices, in addition to video game voices and voice impressions as well. So if you're tired of hearing the same old stale voices (you know them by their multiple search result links), sick and tired of the growlers, the yuckers, and the hard-sell chuckers, then try someone different today by sending your script to ME. After all, your voice over project is far too important to give to just anyone. Rather it demands, CRIES OUT for no less than a professionally smooth and resonant, but not bottomed out, pleasing to the ear, definitely, definitively, and distinctly ONE-ON-ONE online voice over talent. BUT WAIT, THERE'S STILL MORE. A dedicated, imaginative, expert and creative voice over artist who produces and delivers from his home voice over studio to your complete satisfaction. Spend the few minutes it takes to discover someone cool and refreshing, and listen to a few of my voice over demos by clicking the selections in the players above. Then review a partial list of my voice over clients from over the years (which is in need of much updating, but marriage takes up a lot of my free time). So CONTACT ME NOW for voice over at affordable rates! A friendly reminder during your search, besides death and taxes, another sure thing is that you get what you pay for. Be aware of the usual oportunistic tired fare and wary of the unproven voice over wannabes, all prepared just the same to take YOUR money to the bank everytime GUARANTEED. Make especially certain that you will receive the FOLLOW UP required when necessary.

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Contact male voice over talent Rick Blade offering professional voice overs.
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