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Book trailer voice over by book trailer or movie trailer voice over actors.

The read approach to a book trailer and a movie trailer by voice over talent is very similar when it comes to voice tone and delivery style. The obvious difference being that one promotes a book while the other promotes a movie, whether it's an independent film or a YouTube video project. Depending on the story plot, movie trailer voice over actors (and it's merely a fact that male voices are primarily booked for movie trailer voice over jobs), will vary the read style to compliment the theme underlying the story. Obviously, an epic, over-the-top, dramatic read style will not work as well for a love story as it would for a drama, mystery, or action packed theme. Rather a more subtle, emotional, heart-felt read for a romance novel. New York Times bestselling author, Brad Thor, author of "Hidden Order", writes, "the book business has been completely crazy, and authors are having to do lots more to get the word out about their books. To that end, I have purchased 25, 30 second radio commercials", end quote, for which we provided the voice over. New York Times best selling author Lisa Jackson, also called on us to professionally record the book trailer to promote her latest work, "Born To Die." Book trailers can be just audio, or involve both audio and video, for use on just about any broadcast medium besides the internet. As in the case of movie trailers, book trailers can easily be delivered as audio files online by the professional voice over artist. We present several book trailer voice samples in the video player above, and please visit our voice over clients page that also lists our book trailer voice over projects. Email your script to us today for affordable voice over pricing.

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