Character Voices, Cartoon Voices, Voice Impressions, Anime Voices, and ADR by Professional Charactor Voice Actor and Voice Impressionist Rick Blade.

Character voices, cartoon voices, and voice impressions by professional character voice actor and voice impressionist Rick Blade.
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Contact character voice actor and professional voice impressionist Rick Blade for character voices, cartoon voices, voice impressions, anime voices, and ADR.
Character voices, cartoon voices, voice impressions, and ADR by professional character voice actor and voice impressionist.

Character voice actor and voice impressionist Rick Blade offering versatile and original character and cartoon voices, character impressions, cartoon impressions, professional character voice over, animation voice over, and anime voice acting for any character voice over project and application including short films, videos, and video games. CHECK OUT OUR CHARACTER AND CARTOON VOICES INCLUDING VOICE IMPRESSIONS IN THE PLAYERS ABOVE, then go to our contact page to email your character voice over script to us today for review and our affordable rates.

Our character voice impressions include Marge and Homer Simpson, Walter Cronkite, Rod Serling, Yogi and Boo Boo, Carl Sagan, Mr. Haney, Mr. Magoo, Mr. Ed, Curly Howard, Popeye, Jerry Lewis, the Lost In Space Robot, Mickey Mouse, the Godfather, Hank Hill, Billy Graham, Edith Bunker, Dudley Doright, Inspecter Clouseau, Zapp Brannigan, Slim Pickens, Boris Karloff, Dr. Ruth, Yoda, Marvin Martian, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tattoo, George Burns, Howard Cosell, Goofy, Optimus Prime, Julia Child, Patrick Star, Michael Jackson, Richard Nixon, Snagglepuss, Pee Wee Herman, Jimmy Durante, Bugs Bunny, Jimmy Stewart, Elmer Fudd, Elvis Presley, Jack Nicholson, Sean Connery, and Donald Duck to name a few, and we can also come up with original character voices based on your character description and script.

ADR or "automated dialogue replacement" also offered and negotiable, where we can add voices to characters in video, whether dubbing replacement audio over original voice, or synchronizing intended dialogue with mouth movements.

Disclaimer: Celebrity voice overs are sound alike impressions and are for parody and satire purposes only. User acknowledges that use of the celebrity voices beyond the pre-negotiated terms is unauthorized. User assumes full responsibility for subsequent utilization of the celebrity voices, and user further agrees to hold the voice over artist harmless from and potential damages associated with that use.

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Contact character voice actor and professional voice impressionist Rick Blade for character voices, cartoon voices, voice impressions, anime voices, and ADR.
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