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Commercial voice over by professional commercial voice.

Commercial voice over offered by professional commercial voice Rick Blade. Listen to our COMMERCIAL VOICE OVER DEMO ABOVE, and send your commercial script to us today for an affordable price quote at competitive rates. We possess extensive experience in commercial voice over, and are ready as your versatile commercial voice to meet your commercial voice over project needs! Offering commercial voice over for radio and TV, as well as for online use, we strongly consider this service to be a significant part of the voice over talent repertoire. Our commercial voice over demo demonstrates some of our best commercial voice work, supported by a partial list of our satisfied commercial voice over clients posted within this website. The commercial voice needs to possess not only a rich, expressive, flexible and honed read style, but acting ability as well which comes with experience. The approach to TV and radio spots basically incorprates two main read styles: hard-sell and soft-sell. Both attempt to trigger buying impulses within consumers for a gamut of products, ranging from women's perfume to family automobiles. The hard-sell approach, with its "over-the-top" rapid paced, fairly loud to very loud delivery is very demanding, in that the voice over artist and male voice over talent must expend a huge amount of energy and strength in order to demonstrate an attention - grabbing, and occasional epic voice style, emphasizing all of the main points. Vocal training in proper breathing, protection of vocal cords, intonation, etc. is vital for hard-sell. In contrast, soft-sell requires an intelligent grasp of subtlety (both of voice and expressiveness) in terms of interpretive read style, and excellent microphone technique. It also requires an intimate knowledge of one's own natural, unique voice, and an understanding of the client's intent, needs, and target audience.

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