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Movie Trailer Voice Over Demo
Contact movie trailer voice over by professional movie trailer voice actor Rick Blade.
Movie trailer voice over by the movie trailer voice actor.

Movie trailer voice overs are gradually returning like before, as screen text is being voiced besides just the title and release date at the end. Union talent regulary secure these projects, but outside of Hollywood, movie trailer voice over is open to independent films, book trailers, music videos, video game voices and websites, as well as for the trailers voice approach to online advertisements, bold and authoritative radio imaging, memorable radio broadcast spots and TV commercials, in those high profile situations when a dramatic, emoting, and epic movie trailers style voice by a seasoned yet unobtrusive male voice over talent would make a grander, highly impressionable impact on the audience, leaving them yearning for more. Movie trailers style voice overs, which involve the process of adding colorful, descriptive spoken words to film clips, or capsulized versions of movies or video projects as a method of promoting them through visual media, are also in demand for more private use. Take the numerous YouTube projects, event announcements, wedding videos, DVD and DJ trailers, etc, when a movie trailers voice will add fun and personality to the message being presented. To listen to our movie trailer voice samples, please refer to the movie trailer voice over demo video player above. The late Don LaFontaine (Donald Leroy), a highly respected American voice over talent famous for recording more than 5,000 movie trailers and hundreds of thousands of TV commercials, network promotions, and video game trailers, was such a voice, as was Hal Douglas who passed more recently. In tribute to these former kings of movie trailers, we as professional and experienced movie trailer voice over artists and movie trailer voice actors, work hard to carry on their legacy. Email your script to us for an affordable movie trailer voice over rate, and visit a partial rundown of our voice over clients that lists several of our accomplished movie trailer and book trailer voice over projects.

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