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Online voice over has a world wide audience on the internet.
The world has gotten incredibly smaller since the advent of the internet. Incredibly, business can be conducted across the globe in literally a flash. So it comes as no surprise that the voice overs industry too embraces the world wide web, as voice over talent in increasing numbers of either gender, make their services available to anyone and everyone through websites that host demos, and are able to present and promote themselves along with their work online. Prospective clients in turn can contact the voice over talent online by email or phone to obtain details about online voice over rates and production services. They can also describe their voice over job or thought out project for car commercial voice overs, compelling and informative narration voice over for video purposes, or for dramatic and epic, on the flipside more subdued and mysterious movie trailer voice over and its close, increasingly popular sibling book trailer voice over, for a bundle of promos to be aired on a television channel or radio imaging for a station on the web, or perhaps for video game voices and even voicemail greetings, then forward a script, negotiate a price, and quickly receive a finished product via the internet within 24-48 hours of payment, subject to lead in time, script length and production required if a music or sfx background is to be mixed with the voice over by the talent. With major advances in the internet and voice editing software, voice overs online can be recorded and produced by the voice over artist in a home studio with sound excellence and quality comparable to that of a professional recording studio facility. Of course this demands state-of-the-art recording gear. A condenser microphone is generally preferred for voice over online, while the dynamic microphone is designed primarily for radio broadcasting. The more popular condenser microphones include the Sennheiser, Shure, Rode, Yeti, and the grand-daddy of them all, the Neumann U-87. The home recording voice over studio must also be equipped with reliable editing software, mic pre-amp and power source supplying phantom power to the condenser microphone, and of course a powerful PC with lots of gig. Put our professional voice over talent and decades of experience to work for you by contacting us now for affordable voice over rates, and please review a partial list of our satisfied voice over clients.

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