Radio Imaging Voice Talent Rick Blade for Professional Radio Imaging and Radio Imaging Voice Over.

Radio imaging voice talent Rick Blade for professional radio imaging voice over.
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Contact radio imaging voice talent Rick Blade offering professional radio imaging voice over.
Radio imaging voice talent for professional radio imaging and radio imaging voice over.

Radio imaging voice talent Rick Blade for professional radio imaging and radio imaging voice over. CHECK OUT OUR RADIO IMAGING DEMOS, then contact us today about our affordable voice over for radio imaging. Got radio imaging liners similar to these to be voiced: "Super Rock Radio, we will rock you!"; "99WIZD, Kick Ass Rock and Roll"; "Groove Radio, the music that moves you!"; "103 WSHE Ft.Lauderdale, Miami. SHE'S Only Rock and Roll"; and "95.7 FM Charlotte, THE RIIIIIIIDE", then upload your radio imaging voice over script NOW using the form on our contact page. How about In Spanish? "La nueva ciento tres punto siete!"; "Hay un calambre en la radio!"; and "Desde el estudio...Lo Nuevo...Pronto primero en Power 103.7". NO PROBLEMO MUCHACHO. We'll see what you have, a minimium of three radio imaging liners please, then work with you towards an agreeable voice over rate. Radio imaging voice talent who can kick your voice only radio imaging and produced radio imaging sweepers into hyper drive! We got the pipes and the intensity to deliver the goods, and keep your audience around for extended average time listening. Just what you're shooting for when aiming at those sponsorship dollars. It's hardly rocket science! You need an awesome overall sound, and we can help you compliment your music format in a major way with the edgy and formidable radio imaging our radio imaging voice talent can roll off the production line for you! Dry liners, or fully produced for a little bit more, we can deliver the results you seek, and within your budget!

National, local, and online radio stations, we have the experience to reach out and grab your followers by the ear, then turn them on their heads like roping a steer, and it's all in our gutty verbal approach to getting the message across about why people should tune in. It's YOUR BABY, so why would you give it pablum when you can give it Special K instead! Or gunpowder instead of fairy dust? DUH. Hey, it's all a matter of taste when it comes to radio imaging voice talent, BUT if you want to make an IMPACT, you go with the BEST, and our work speaks volumes. Just take a listen above. What more proof do you need? And we can tailor our radio imaging voice over talent to fit any format! So let us help you WIN. Need a monster epic voice? WE GOT IT. Need subtle but direct? WE GOT IT. Need guy next door? WE GOT IT. Need party animal? WE GOT IT. Need cocky but funny? WE GOT THAT TOO. And we can read it like you hear it in your head! JUST LIKE YOU MEANT IT TO SOUND. The same goes for your lengthier promos. We'll give them the same undivided attention and orally focus in on your concept. Just remember there may be children listening in too! Once we have your script (and payment), give us 24 hours or so to turn it around for you from our fully quipped, professional voice over studio. If your script is pages long, as in a whole radio station imaging start-up package, then more time will be needed to finish. Allow enough lead in notice whenever possible, so we can get all of our ducks in a row at this end. BTW, you can also reserve our competitive, versatile, and rock solid radio imaging voice over services on a monthly retainer basis! Radio imaging voice talent, yet another viable and economic reason to link to us at and/or bookmark asap.

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