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Voice over talent demos are the calling cards of the professional voice over talent.
Voice over talent demos, also referred to as voice over demos, voice over demo reel, voice over demo samples, voice acting demos, and voice actor demos, are an absolutely essential part of any arsenal belonging to the professional voice over talent, and serve as calling cards. These demos can be integrated into the individual voice over actor's online voice over website. The visitor to the site is then able to simply click and listen to audio examples of the person's work, and then discern whether it is the right voice for their narrative, commercial, book trailer or movie trailer, or radio station imaging voice over job. While voice over talent demos are often heard online, it couldn't hurt to also put them on CDs for local distribution to such potential sources of work as production houses, TV and radio stations. Thusly the entrepreneurial male voice over talent must be constantly promoting himself in order to be successful in voice overs. Review a partial list of our past and present voice over clients. In the voice over industry, the voice over actor needs more than a typed resume -- he must be HEARD. The talent's work literally SPEAKS for itself. Voice over talent demos need to cover many categories in a brief amount of time in order to give the potential client a quick overview of the voice over talent vocal qualities, expertise, and grasp of interpreting a script. Extensive hands-on experience and a good ear for editing together clips of one's work is needed, with the best work up front. Potential clients searching for the right voice will usually not spend more than 1-2 minutes listening to any individual. In fact, the voice over artist should attempt to catch their attention within the first 10 seconds. Voice over talent demos need to clearly demonstrate in a short time the different voice qualities, styles, personalities, vocal range, and expressiveness from subtle to epic voice style. If the online voice over talent has his own voice over studio, the voice over demo reel also shows the extent and quality of his studio equipment and skills in recording and producing. Voice over talent demos clearly displayed on a website can be composites or montages, categorized for example under commercials, narration (such as for documentary, video tour, or audio book project), movie trailers, radio imaging, and even character voices used in videos and as video game voices if one can do different, funny, or unusual voices.

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