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The role of the voice over talent in the voice overs business.
The best way to explain what a professional voice over talent does is to reflect on years of personal experience, what can be summed up simply as a "faceless" or off-camera actor. Hence, voice over talent, voice over actor, male voice over talent, voice actor, voice artist, voice over artist, and even "set of pipes" are some of the "titles" given to the person behind the microphone. Giving life to words on paper is a learned skill, developing a balanced relationship between focus and mic technique. Staying in character, picturing who's being spoken to, becoming one with the script, not being self-aware on microphone, all fall under the focus aspect, while controlling breath to avoid "popping" hard consonants like the letter "p" is one microphone technique. The main goal of the voice over talent, whether working from a personal computer on voice over jobs acquired through an online voice over talent website, or recording in a formal studio setting, is to come across believable and trustworthy. The key is interpretation. The trick is not to sound like one is reading, yet be convincing in what one is saying. Words should roll off the tongue as if a melody is playing, no matter what the mood or content of the script, whether it's a commercial, or narration for a documentary or for animation, and even video game voices. Then there are movie trailers and the new kid on the block book trailers, in addition to radio imaging liners and station ID's, when a more epic voice style of read is preferred. It's not as easy as one might think. This only comes with much practice. Reading aloud as often as possible, recording one's own voice, then having it critiqued by an objective party other than one's mom. Eventually, the aspiring voice actor will be ready to record voice over talent demos that represent one's talent. In spite of the competition and the odds for rejection, the rewards when they happen make it all worthwhile, and the potential for more work is ever present thanks to a world-wide internet audience. Nothing beats making a living at what one likes best in life, but if it's in voice over, one must diligently get one's name out there. This entails a lot of self-marketing, and establishing an online voice over presence. In the words of veteran voice over talent Harlan Hogan, "90% of the work is getting the work." In other words, there are no free rides, nor over-night get-rich-quick schemes in voice overs. Even a talent agent will only do so much. It requires commitment, dedication, and professionalism. It takes more than just having a good voice. See a partial list of our voice over clients.

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