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Voice overs offered by professional male voice over talent Rick Blade for commercials, promos, radio imaging, movie trailers, and narrative. Check out our voice over demos above, then CONTACT US for the quality voice overs you seek at affordable rates. Voice overs are an integral part of modern society. They are everywhere, but almost of a subliminal nature, in people's everyday lives. The average citizen doesn't normally go around thinking about, or talking about the latest voice overs they heard. But most people don't go through their day thinking about the carburetor or fuel line in their car either. Voice overs by voice over talent cover a lot of media ground. Television commercials, particularly automobile spots, have been raised to almost rock star status. Just watch the Super Bowl. Even with actors in these ads, there is most certainly, a faceless voice providing the important info at the end. Then of course political ads are prominent throughout election years. The large number of local radio stations requiring commercials, promos, and radio imaging are often on a smaller scale and budget, but are vastly prolific, and extremely important to the absolute survival of any radio station. You'll often hear online voice over talent other than their own announcers do these. Commercials call for a professional male voice over talent who is versatile, dynamic, expressive, good at interpreting copy, and has a great set of pipes. The male voice over artist who possesses an excellent TV and radio station ID voice is in the greatest demand for voice imaging. Narrative encompasses such genres as documentaries, corporate and training videos, video game voices, travelogues, e-learning, audio books, and animation, etc. Narrative is used in many styles. Some narrations require an analytical, just-the-facts technical and teaching approach. Others call for an expressive, colorful, enticing or compelling read. Narration on a big scale demands not only a unique, rich natural voice, but acting ability and training, vocal training, online voice over experience, and excellent microphone technique. Movie trailers is another large section in the business of voice overs. According to the Oxford Dictionary, a trailer (other than the one hitched to the back of your car) is: "a series of brief extracts from a movie, etc. used to advertise it in advance". The iconic movie trailers of recent times were often voiced by the unforgettable American voice over talent Don LaFontaine. You will find with our talent some of the best movie trailer voice over around, so look no further! This standout epic voice style has become very popular for uses other than for motion picture promotion, such as for book trailer voice over, for major events, and for videos of all kinds including YouTube videos...whatever voice over projects the creative mind can come up with.

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